3 Cooling Tips from Someone With Experience

How Useful Is an Air Conditioner? Air inside a vehicle or a building is regulated using an air conditioner. This device, commonly known by its initials as the AC is mainly used to lower the heating temperature in an environment. Using the refrigeration mode in cooling brings the cooling effect. It aids in the turning … Continue reading “3 Cooling Tips from Someone With Experience”

How Useful Is an Air Conditioner? Air inside a vehicle or a building is regulated using an air conditioner. This device, commonly known by its initials as the AC is mainly used to lower the heating temperature in an environment. Using the refrigeration mode in cooling brings the cooling effect. It aids in the turning of the temperatures and the humidity into a comfortable condition. Technology has led to the development of more comfortable air conditioners that are flexible and can be fixed everywhere. People in the early days used water and ice to regulate heat in summer times. It was created after the refrigerator idea was brought up. By taking the heat from a cold area to a hot area, this is how it works. The air conditioner is at times run on the opposite, and hence the effect is reversed bringing in more heat instead, during the cold season. This is the principle a heat pump uses. The most common type of an air conditioner used at homes is the heat pump. Its uses are found in both the hot and the cold seasons. Maintaining a good level of cleanliness is necessary especially for the air conditioners that are kept outside. When it is snowing, it is necessary to move the facility indoors. This is important in preventing snow, which forms outside from blocking the air flow.
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Mainly used in the hot areas is the evaporating coolers. During the hot weather, this are used for cooling the building. They work by channeling the hot air outside through a cooler pad and hence cooling the air before it gets inside. This works by keeping an opening in the building or having the window opened. This is preferably installed on each window in a building with many units, which is less costly. Using the central air conditioning is preferred to be used in other large buildings. A heat exchanger is placed inside the air conditioner which works by distributing the chilled air throughout the building.
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In energy sufficient areas, the air conditioners uses energy and works well. Using about 4horsepowers of the engine in automobiles, the air conditioner increases the energy consumption of the vehicle. Heat is transferred from the seats to the environment in automobiles. It works like a refrigerator. We also have the heating, ventilating and air condition abbreviated as HVAC, a technology used for outdoor comfort. The exchange of air circulation in a building is involved in the ventilation which is abbreviated as V. The removal of dust and both the temperature and oxygen control are involved. In every household, air conditioning is very crucial. Especially in areas that experience extreme cold and heat, this is important. This can be fixed in the house, outside and even in the car.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis: Quit Cigarettes Without Drugs Or Patches

Would you like to quit smoking in an easy and safe way? In the effort to quit this addiction, people employ many different techniques most of which fail in the long run. Stop smoking hypnosis technique has however been used by many individuals to great levels of success. The success rate of the technique depends entirely on how discipline and motivation are handled by the individual. The technique is found as effective and beneficial due to many reasons, some of which are discussed in this article.

There are two types of hypnosis used which are self directed where an individual manages it himself by use relevant resource materials such as tapes and DVDs. The other model entails attending sessions facilitated with a trained and skilled hypnotherapist. All these methods command a great deal of commitment and motivation with the later effectively provided by the hypnotherapist and other individuals who have succeeded in the same quest by the use of this technique.

The use of CDs and DVDs is definitely cheaper than the model of attending sessions with trained hypnotherapist professionals. Watching these recorded materials is also convenient for they can be used at any time. The choice of method to be used by an individual is subject to the considerations of factors like convenience and cost. One needs to consult with a doctor first before deciding on the method to be used.

The technique works by achieving a state of relaxation whereby the mind of an individual is open to receive suggestions into the plane of the subconscious. People have however associated this method of quitting being a smoker with turning the individual into a slave with no control over their own mind. This is not true since you cannot be forced to do something against your consciousness when in a hypnotic state.

The subconscious mind is able to receive suggestions but it is not accessible in the normal consciousness. Smoking has been associated with pleasure in the subconscious mind hence medication alone will not be effective since it will only be dealing with the conscious mind. It is hence true that a combination of this technique and pharmaceutical drugs effectively helps in quitting the addiction. Apart from just stopping smoking, hypnotherapy is also associated with impacting improved lifestyles to the individuals.

In order to quit the addiction, the technique involves altering the condition of the subconscious mind by adjusting it to realize the necessity of quitting being a smoker. This is not possible without willpower for it is needed in every step and action. The power bestowed in our inner mind is effectively unlocked and considering the fact that our imagination is stronger than the willpower the person can easily change from the behavior.

All models of hypnosis whether employing the CDs and tapes or attending sessions with a professional hypnotherapist involves listening to positive ideas; suggestions along with guided visualizations which make a person see the need of quitting. The desire of quitting is gained slowly and finally takes effect.

It is always advisable to do a research before attaining the services of a hypnotherapist. It is only through effective application of the technique with a qualified therapist who will apply a good level of knowledge and skill making the process ethical and safe that an individual will get quality service.

Doctors Are Responsible For Killing Over 100,000 People With Legal Drugs – Are You Next?

Doctors are making educated judgement calls regarding prescription medications everyday. Knowing your age, weight, sex etc. as well as knowing the efficacy of drugs used on similar patients a doctor will prescribe a medication. But even on their very best day they get 20% wrong. And this isn’t a slam to the doctors. They do the very best they can. The problem is you!

It’s Not Your Fault.

I didn’t say it was your fault. It’s your DNA. Everyone’s DNA is as different as snowflakes. And drugs metabolize (react) differently for each individual. And it’s our individual DNA that is the culprit. It’s what makes doctors scratch their heads as to why one medication works better than another. Or why it takes more or less of a certain drug to work for you.

Until recently doctors really had to guess, albeit an educated guess as to the dosage to prescribe. Now there is what’s called Pharmacogenetics. But take a look what the AMA said in 2011.

“Variability in drug response can be explained, in part, by genetic differences among patients. A clear role in drug toxicity and efficacy has been established for some gene-drug combinations, yet implementation of pharmacogenomic tests in clinical practice lags behind this knowledge.”

In 2011 modern medicine was clearly behind. That is no longer the case. Recently the MAYO clinic released a patented DNA test that can be easily used by Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals etc. and can significant reduce ADRs – adverse drug reactions. Annually over 100,000 deaths occur because of ADRs. And, over 2 million hospitalizations occur for the same reason.

The problem is, is that this testing is so new few healthcare professionals know it exists. In fact a recent survey I performed suggested approximately 1/3 of professionals in the healthcare industry even heard of DNA testing that will significantly reduce adverse drug reactions. But the same survey suggested that over 76% knew that over 100,000 people died annually due to ADRs.

The AMA Further stated this…

“The implementation of pharmacogenomic testing to protect patients from adverse drug effects will become common practice for an increasingly large number of gene-drug combinations. While testing for therapeutic efficacy can improve the overall health of patients, development of clinical guidelines, clinician education, and new models of effectiveness research may be required for widespread implementation.”

The DNA testing procedures have been designed and approved and the protocols are now in place. Now, it’s just a matter of time before DNA testing is common practice.

Discover the Truth About Generic Cholesterol Drugs: It May Save Your Health

This scared me to death when I first heard about the effects of cholesterol drugs. Like many things in life, there is many times a contradiction. On the one hand, statins as they are known are actually good at lowering bad cholesterol.

Contrast this with the cholesterol lowering drug effects, and there is reason to look for a more natural method to lower bad cholesterol. High lipid disorders are a serious impairment to one’s health.

Due to the diet we eat, particularly in the western world with emphasis on animal fat from red meat combined with sugars and other saturated fats, it’s no wonder that lipid disorders are on the rise.

What is a Lipid disorder?

Lipid disorders refer to total and excessive fat content in your blood system. Cholesterol can be broken down into four categories with LDL being the worst. This is followed by triglycerides, and then to total cholesterol number and lastly the good cholesterol known as HDL.

This build up of LDL and triglycerides is what causes everything from heart disease to high blood pressure and stroke if left uncontrolled.

What is the difference between generic and regular statins?

When it comes to cholesterol lowering drugs, there is little difference between standard name brand cholesterol lowering drugs and the generic cholesterol meds. The primary difference is in the name only.

The main point of importance in generic cholesterol meds is that the side effects are identical to the brand name version.

According to a study released in the British Medical Journal, generic cholesterol meds have the same propensity to cause effects such as liver dysfunction and possibly kidney failure.

In addition to people who are otherwise healthy except for elevated cholesterol, diabetics should be especially careful when taking any generic cholesterol meds or the brand name.

Diabetics, because of the very nature of their disease run a higher risk of developing heart disease. For this reason, doctors often prescribe statins or their generic equivalent.

What diabetics need to think about is that they are also at increased risk of kidney failure; an illness only exacerbated by statin drugs according to this study reported in the British Medical Journal.

Cholesterol lowering drug effects have become as important to monitor as the effects of elevated LDL itself. As important as getting cholesterol under control in order to avoid high blood pressure and heart attack is, it’s also important to consider cholesterol lowering drug effects on you liver and kidneys.

What is the happy middle ground to fighting high cholesterol?

Thankfully, there is a natural regimen to fighting high cholesterol than negates the need for generic cholesterol meds or the name brand. Clinical research has shown that increased intake of Omega 3 fatty acids helps to reduce LDL by elevating HDL by some estimates as high as eight percent.

One of the most potent sources of Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in the oils of cold water fish like salmon. The good news is that short of going on an all sea food diet, you can augment your daily intake of Omega 3 fatty acids with fish oil soft gels.

What makes fish oil so important is the fatty acids know as EPA and DHA that is found in the fish. According to many clinical studies, these powerful and essential Omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for fighting lipid disorders that cause high levels of bad cholesterol.

Even more important for a diabetic, Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil is also responsible for fighting inflammation in the body. Inflammation of the kidney is a prime contributor to kidney failure in diabetics.

Think about the implications. Cholesterol lowering drug effects can outweigh perhaps the reduction of high lipid levels on one hand, but generic cholesterol meds or not, fish oil can have much the same result of fighting cholesterol without causing harmful side effects.


Now that you know the facts, what are you waiting for? The natural way of fighting cholesterol with Omega 3 fatty acids can have multiple positive effects in reducing cholesterol while saving you from health damaging side effects. Here is to your good health!